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Aloha Restoration, Co: More than just Contractors

As a family-owned and operated interior restoration & remodeling company, we understand the importance of building lasting relationships between ourselves and the community. Our core beliefs & our local background lay the ground-work for a company that wants to do well and provide for others.

Simply put, working on your home takes time, energy, and a lot of care. Although we may make mistakes along the way; we take service, security, and safety very seriously. Outside of these core values, there are specific reasons we decided to specialize in Mold RemediationWater RemediationFire Damage CleanupGeneral Contractor – Remodel, and Carpet Cleaning. These reasons are the driving factors to why we are who we are. Let’s dive in:

Indoor combustion of Solid Fuels (Mold) can become fatal

According to the World Health Organization, a shocking 1.5 millions deaths each year are associated with the indoor combustion of solid fuels. Most of those deaths occur among women and children. Again, being local Lake County folks ourselves, this drives us to be the best we can at mold removal & inspections. Even still, this isn’t the number one concern in America. Our aim is to remove the mold AND the problem for good.

Floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States.

Because of this, flood damage cleanup is in high demand. In 2015, the average flood damage claim was a whopping $42,000. People think floods cannot affect them, but the numbers show otherwise. The average flash flood brings 10 to 15 feet high water walls. Flood damage cleanup is not something to be taken lightly.

Fire affects so many families across the United States

Finally, with personal fire damage experiences of our own, we constantly feel the strong urge to get involved. Think about this. In 2015, fire damages resulted in $14.3 BILLION in property damages. Beyond the damages, fire kills. That same year 3,280 civilian deaths were reported in the United States. 15,700 people were injured. There is not much we can do about preventing fires, but we can get your family and their home back to normalcy in no time. No one cleans fire damage faster and more thorough.

With a foot in the construction industry door (Aloha Construction, Inc.), it was only right we learn how to better protect the local community we are all from. Gaining all this new expertise, it was only right we also learned how to remodel.

After all, “to give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured; and that is sincerity and integrity.” To provide these services was the only way we knew how.

Need help with anything mentioned above? We proudly service all of Lake County as well as McHenry County in Illinois! Call now for a Free In-Home Assessment!

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