How to frame a room

How to Frame a Room

Being experts in Interior Home Remodelers, no basement remodeling contractors take care of you like we do. In fact, this blog post takes the first step in basement remodels – How to Frame a Room – and shows you the ropes! If you’re looking for quick DIY info on framing interior walls or building a wall frame, follow these simple steps:

The 1st step to framing walls is to Plan your Layout

First, take accurate measurements of the room. Next, ensure all measurements are taken correctly. Mark the inside edge of the wall you want to frame onto the concrete basement floor. Finally, clearly mark the location of any doorways or openings. Contractors build walls from the ground up, so this planning step is important.

The 2nd step to building a wall frame is to Install your Bottom Plates

First, cut pressure treated 2” X 4” boards to length. Then, lay them along the chalk line. Use a hammer drill with 3/16” masonry drill bit to drill a hole through the wood AND into the concrete floor. Drive a 3” Tapcon screw through the hole just created using an impact driver. Finally, repeat at the other end of the board, repeat at every 16” along the bottom plate, and repeat this step for all the bottom plates you laid out.

How to frame a room | Install the top plates

Before moving forward, it’s crucial to understand something about this step. Knowing how to frame a room takes a lot of attention to detail. Because of this, the top plate’s installation depends on which direction the bottom plates you installed are running in relation to the floor joists above.

Do the joists run perpendicular to the bottom plate? Well, you need to nail the top plates to the joists where they intersect. Do the joists run parallel to the floor joists? If this is the case, attach 2” X 4” blocking boards between the joists so they can have something to nail into.

Ensure the bottom plate is aligned with the top plate before nailing it to the joists/blocking. Repeat whatever method you chose for the remaining top plates

Frame a wall – Mark stud placement & Install Studs

When installing wall studs, they are typically put in at 16” intervals. In this step, go from one end of the basement wall to the other. Mark the location of the first stud and then use a tape measure to mark out the location of the remaining studs. Next, transfer those locations to the top plates. For this part, use a laser level or plumb bob. Finally, measure & cut another 2” X 4” so it tightly fits between the bottom and top plates. Place the stud between the plates. Ensure it is plumb. Attach the bottom and the top plates using 3” nails.

Finally, Install blocking!

Using 2” X 4” boards again, fit and install them between the wall studs. Do this around the room about 4’ from the floor using 3” nails.

AND that’s it.

Does this all seem complicated? Are you hung up on a step? Knowing how to frame a room usually requires a expert knowledge and we have no problem lending a helping hand.

Take advantage of our free in-home assessments! We are just one call away for all your basement remodeling needs!

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