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Mold spores exist everywhere in the world, in every type of climate. Some types of mold, such as penicillin, are useful for mankind, but others—including black mold—are dangerous. Mold can ravage crops, respiratory systems, and buildings if left alone, and it can be a major problem for homeowners. Getting rid of it before it damages your health and home is a good idea. If you have a major outbreak, you can try to get rid of it yourself before calling in the pros. We offer some tips on how to get rid of mold in your home.

Protect Yourself

You’ll be up close and personal with the enemy, so take some safety precautions. Get yourself some personal protective equipment such as safety goggles. Make sure to get a face mask, too—you’ve already been exposed to the mold, and there’s no reason to continue to continue breathing it in. Thick rubber gloves will protect your hands from the chemicals and/or detergents you use to kill the mold.

Set up a Containment Area

Contain the affected area to prevent the mold from spreading any further. Cover any air ducts and doorways with plastic sheeting or large garbage bags, using duct tape to attach the plastic to the wall. You’ll need to cover any places in the room where air can come in or out. To further expel the mold spores, set up a fan near a window and point it outward. The fan will draw airborne spores outside, limiting their ability to spread in your home.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Use a stiff bristle brush, water, and soap to scrub the moldy area. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and soap, then shake it up—it will be easier to apply the mixture to the wall this way. Scrub and wipe the area until you can’t see the mold anymore. Next, use a disinfectant on the area. There are several solutions that contain ammonia, bleach, borax, and so on; commercial disinfectants can help kill the mold, too. Once you’ve completed the job, discard anything that has touched the mold.

If you’re not satisfied with the results of doing the job yourself, or if you aren’t sure that all the mold is dead and gone, that’s okay. Call our professionals at 847-865-5664, and we will be happy to eliminate the mold for you. Mold removal is our specialty, and we have the expertise, know-how, and equipment to rid your house of black mold. We serve the entire greater Chicago area, including Lake Zurich, Lake in the Hills, Cicero, and Schaumburg.

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