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Millions of homes around the world have carpet in them. Carpet is wildly popular because of its comfort and the beauty it brings to a home, and it’s important to keep it that way. If not properly taken care of, carpet will become a detriment, not an asset, to a home. Dirty, stained carpet is the first thing people see when they enter a house, and it makes the rest of a home look shabby. We provide a few reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned, so you can keep your house looking great.

Extend the Life of the Carpet

A professional carpet cleaner brings expertise and peace of mind when they come to your house for a cleaning. Regular cleanings will keep your carpet looking fabulous all year. An annual deep cleaning gets all the dirt, dust, and tiny food bits that the vacuum cleaner misses. Otherwise, those microscopic terrors start to wear down the fibers as they’re ground deeper into the carpet with every footstep.

Keep it Looking New

Weekly vacuuming will help keep your carpets looking new; annual, or bi-annual, professional cleaning will have them looking new for years. The deep clean you get from the pros can reach into the carpet’s fibers and make it look showroom new again. Carpet attracts all kinds of stains because it’s usually in high-traffic areas. A professional cleaning gets rid of the stubborn stains that hand scrubbing can’t get rid of.

Eliminate Odors

Houses are full of many wonderful smells and aromas, especially when someone is in the kitchen. Houses are also full of awful smells that no one needs to mention. Pets that urinate and defecate on the carpet are prime culprits of awful smells in the home. Those messes leave stains, too. Carpet traps all kinds of foul odors that a professional cleaning can handle.

Prevent Infestation

Many houses have a hidden menace that the owner isn’t aware of; dust mites. They’re microscopic and everywhere. They’re also a major source of allergens and thrive in high humidity. Regular carpet cleaning eliminates their safe haven.

Remove Allergens

Carpets can hold a lot of things you don’t want. Pet hair and dander, dust particles, bacteria, and allergens. All these things lie in the carpet and get stirred up when some walks on it. Once airborne, the particles irritate noses, eyes, and lungs, and it will make anyone with allergies miserable. Clean those offenders out to keep everyone healthy.

Aloha Restoration is your go-to team for the very best professional carpet cleaning. Schaumburg, IL customers can contact us at 847-865-5664 to set up an appointment today.


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