5 Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

Because carpet is expensive to put in your house, you must take care of it. That means regularly vacuuming, taking off your shoes when in the house, and getting an annual deep clean. Having your carpets professionally cleaned annually will keep them looking new for a long time. There are some misconceptions about carpet cleaning out there. We dispel some of those here.

Letting My Carpet Air Dry After Water Damage is Good Enough

When large amounts of water soak your carpet, be it from a flood, broken pipe, or leaky foundation, your carpet must be steam cleaned. If left to dry on its own, that carpet will be a haven for mold. Mold will feast on the dirt and moisture in the carpet and stink up the whole house.

Renting Equipment and Doing it Myself is Just as Good

The equipment that homeowners can rent at the local hardware store don’t compare to what professionals have. Comparing the two is like comparing an abacus to a calculator. Rental machines tend to not work and dump ample excess water on your carpet. If that isn’t then taken back out of the carpet, you’ll be left with mold and mildew.

The Carpet Will Shrink

Carpet won’t shrink. The only way that can happen is if someone does a bad job and doesn’t dry it properly. For it to shrink, carpet must be excessively wet. Ensuring that the carpet is cleaned and dried properly is something that professionals know how to do.

My Carpet is New and Doesn’t Need Cleaning

Every time you or someone else steps on your carpet with shoes on, dirt goes into it. From the very first time you step on it, dirt finds a home. Over time, the dirt will accumulate and act as an abrasive, slowly wearing down the carpet. It’s best to have it cleaned after the first year, and then yearly after that.

Dry Cleaning is Better than Steam Cleaning

Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning carpets because it’s the method that’s most provenly effective. Dry cleaning still uses water, but this method only cleans the carpet’s surface—it doesn’t get down to the fibers. Consult your carpet’s manufacturer or ask a professional which method is best.

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