yellow rubber ducky on tub beneath moldy tile grout and caulk

Mold needs three conditions to grow, and if any one of them is missing, it won’t grow or spread. The removal of these elements will cause a mold colony to die. Reducing and/or removing these elements is the basis for treating and preventing mold. Read on to learn the elements that encourage mold growth in your home.

Mold Spores

The first element is the mold spores themselves. Obviously, if they aren’t present, they won’t grow and spread. It is hard to prevent mold spores from entering your home. They are microorganisms that can’t be seen by the human eye. They inhabit every country and environment on earth and typically travel by air. Keeping them out of your house is impossible. The only thing you can do is keep the environment in your house hostile toward their growth.

Excessive Moisture

Cool, dark, and damp spaces are prime real estate for mold. There is no specific humidity threshold for mold to grow; any amount will do. The longer damp and wet conditions persist, the more likely that mold will form. Damp carpets and upholstery and wet drywall are hospitable places for mold growth. Usually, the mold originates in a place you can’t see. Once you start to smell the damp, musty odor and see the mold, it’s already taken a foothold and spreading.

Plenty of Food

Mold is a living thing, and like all living things, it needs water and food to survive. Mold can feed on just about anything. In nature there is abundant organic matter like dead trees and animals for mold to feast on. In your home the spores will find similar organic matter, but it’s embedded in the walls, carpet, and other materials. Mold will feed on things that humans would never consider eating, that’s why you will find it everywhere.

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