Learn how to choose the right water damage restoration company. Shop around and find the best contractor that will do good work at a fair price.

The worst has happened and you have water in your house, and not the good kind that comes in a bottle. Your basement flooded, there’s a hole in the roof, a pipe burst, or some other terrible act of God brought disaster to your home. Once the water level recedes and the tears dry, you’ll need to find a quality contractor to fix the damage for you. Like anything else, you should shop around and find a qualified professional company to do the repairs for you. We have some tips on how to choose the right water damage restoration company so you don’t get ripped off.


Before you jump onto the internet and start scouring the digital void for contractors, ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they can recommend anyone. Odds are they “have a guy” that they would love to recommend. Obviously, you can trust that they aren’t trying to saddle you with a terrible company or rip you off. They likely had a positive experience and are comfortable making a recommendation.


Without personal recommendations, you can then turn to the internet. Search for local companies that can solve your problems and make a list of four to five and read the reviews. Read as many as you can find to get a good sense of how the company works and what their reputation is. Check in with the Better Business Bureau too and ask about outstanding complaints.


A good company will provide you with an estimate of the cost of the job and how long it will take. They should provide this to your free of cost. Any company that comes out and wants money for an estimate isn’t serious and can’t be trusted. Move on to the next guy if someone asks for money on an estimate.


You want to find a contractor who has good tools and equipment. They don’t have to be brand-new tools and trucks, but you want someone who takes care of their tools. A contractor who doesn’t take care of their tools might be careless and miss details when working on your home. When they arrive at your home for an inspection, take a look at their truck and tools. The truck and tools will tell you a lot about how they work.

Other Services

Take a look at the other services the contractor offers. You want a contractor that has more than one skill—more than one tool in the box, so to speak. That’s a sign that they are talented, smart, and capable. Just like Aloha Restoration. Not only are we water and flood repair contractors, we are experts in mold removal, fire damage, and smoke damage too. Talk to us about your restoration needs!

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