Professional Carpet Cleaning

Nothing will last forever, but if you take care of something, it can last a long time. The same rule applies to carpet. If you never clean it, it’s going to degenerate fast and look awful. If you take care of it, though, it will look great for a long time. Carpet that is in a high-traffic area needs constant attention and cleaning. Kids running through the house with dirty shoes on, pets with muddy paws, and spills take a toll on carpet in a major way—the kind of toll that requires more than an occasional tickling with the vacuum cleaner to address. Refer to these carpet cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your carpet clean and looking good.

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Stop the dirt and stains from getting on your carpet in the first place. Identify the areas that get the most abuse and traffic. Put area rugs down in those areas and let them take the abuse. Put down floor mats next to doors at entryways too so people can wipe their feet on the way in. Don’t feel like you can’t ask people to remove their shoes before entering too; it’s acceptable to ask people to walk around your home in socks. That’s why you have carpet, right?

Weekly Maintenance

At a minimum, you should be cleaning your carpet once a week. Lots of manufacturers will recommend you do it every other day, but that’s up to you. Regular vacuuming is the bare minimum. Make sure you hit the high traffic areas without fail. The lesser areas can wait; they don’t need as much attention.

Attack the Stains

Buying stain-resistant carpet doesn’t mean its stain-proof. Stain-resistant means that you have some time before it sets in and becomes a permanent fixture in the fibers. Attack those stains fast with cleaners, solvents, and powders. There are many products to clean and protect your carpets. Find one that you like and that is appropriate for the material and the stain and keep it on hand for emergencies.

Professional Cleaning

When the stains prove too much for normal cleaning and maintenance, call in the cleaner. Once every six months you should have your carpets deep cleaned by a professional. They have the cleaners, the equipment, and the experience to get rid of the most stubborn of stains. Let them do the job so you don’t waste money renting your own equipment, botching the job, and calling in the pros anyhow.

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