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There is a lot of carpet in our lives. Most homes have carpet in more than one room and most offices are floored entirely with carpet. It’s a functional material, comes in lots of colors, and is exceptionally durable. Taking care of your carpet means vacuuming it and having it professionally deep-cleaned twice a year. Nothing will last forever if you don’t take care of it, so maintenance is requisite for most things in your home or office. Understand the importance of a deep carpet cleaning and keep yours looking good.

There are Nasty Creepies in Carpet

If you could shrink down and walk around a carpet, you’d be horrified. Do you know what lives in the average carpet? Nasty, nasty things. There are millions of bacteria, creepy looking mites, bugs with pinchers, and allergens. These all feast on the dirt in your carpet, reproduce, then die. When bacteria die, they leave behind a moldy, musty smell that is ever-so-charming. Allergens like dust, skin cells, and pet dander settle in the carpet and keep the watery eyes and sneezing constants. Bugs and critters smaller than we can see live in the carpet, too; there is an entire ecosystem down there. Get rid of all of it with a good cleaning.

Carpet Should Last a Lifetime

Carpet isn’t something that needs replacing very often. It’s made to last an exceptionally long time, even if it’s neglected. When the proper care is taken, such as deep cleaning, carpet can last a lifetime—that’s why there’s such an emphasis on the importance of a deep carpet cleaning. Filling your home with carpet isn’t the most expensive kind of flooring; it’s actually quite affordable when compared to alternatives. Those savings will disappear, though, if you don’t take care of the carpet and have to replace it every five years.

Dirty Carpets Stink

Remember all those nasty things mentioned above? They lead to odors in the home that aren’t pleasant. Moldy carpet will funk up your whole house; you won’t even smell it at first. It’s a slow burn that you’ll be nose-blind to until a friend comes by and tells how bad it is. A carpet that was wet and didn’t dry properly will gain mold and smell. Deep carpet cleaning gets rid of those foul odors and replaces them with the scent of lovely spring rains and flowers.

For the very best carpet cleaning and mold removal in Schaumburg, contact us at Aloha Restoration today!

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