How Flood Damage Affects Businesses

When there is a flood, the focus is usually on homes and displaced people. Sympathies and concerns are heaped on families stuck in flooded areas and getting them to safety is the priority. What is often overlooked, though, is how flood damage affects businesses. When the waters recede, people return home and begin to rebuild. There are businesses both small and large that have the same repair concerns and must get to the business of rebuilding. Flood water mitigation for businesses poses different challenges—check them out here.

Power Outages

Water and electricity simply don’t mix. As with everything else in the area, businesses will lose power during and after a flood. The power could be out for an extended period even after the waters recede. A business without power cannot operate, and they must wait like everyone else. Rains and power outages that occurred before the flooding also lead to power surges and the potential loss of data.

Loss of Inventory

Flooding in any retail outlet means the loss of inventory. Grocery stores, clothing outlets, and even car dealerships must worry about their inventory after a flood. Water will damage most things it meets. There is residual damage as well, like mold and musty smells. Anything that is damaged must be thrown out and destroyed—unfortunately, those losses quickly add up.

Shuttering of the Business

During any natural disaster, the business is closed. There is no business to be done during a flood or tornado. Once the waters go away, the hope is to get back to business as quickly as possible. For larger companies that have resources, this is possible. Smaller businesses, however, aren’t always so lucky. There is the possibility that these small businesses will never recover and must close forever.

Residual Odors Within

Once the water is gone, it’s time to assess the damage. Carpets and upholstery need removal, drywall must be replaced, and furniture has to be scrapped. All those items, if not properly dried, will smell musty and this will affect the entire business. Flood damage is easy to see—it’s the hidden mold that isn’t. If things aren’t removed or dried fully, the entire building will smell like dirty laundry. How flood damage affects businesses depends on how long the water sat and how effective the flood mitigation company doing the repairs is.

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