Reasons to Finish Your Basement

An unfinished basement is an unused resource in your home. Finishing your basement will instantly add value and more livable space to your home. Finished basements quickly become the entertainment capital of any house, with everyone wanting to claim the best seat. With the right budget and the team of professionals at Aloha Restoration, you can have a great new space in your home. There are lots of reasons to finish your basement, and we highlight a few of them here.

Increased Home Value

Finishing a basement is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. What was once a 2,000-square-foot home can now have 2,000 more square feet of comfort. The design choices you make will add value as well. Plush carpeting, a built-in sound system, a wet bar, and recessed lighting will all boost that number. Take the time to make it what you want.

More Livable Space

Finding space to be alone or concentrate can be a challenge at home. Someone is always there, and background noise is always grinding away at you. When you need five minutes alone or want to watch the game, a finished basement is the best place to hide out. Finished basements create more livable and comfortable space for the whole family, and that’s another great reason to finish your basement.

Additional Bedrooms

Families that are just starting out don’t always need a lot of space. Two bedrooms and one bath are enough when it’s just Mom, Dad, and Baby. As the family grows, however, more space becomes a necessity, and finishing the basement can accomplish that. Basements are blank canvases that can be whatever you need them to be. Add bedrooms and a bathroom in the basement for the expanding family when you run out of space upstairs.

Source of Revenue

Convert your unused basement into a source of income. Change the empty space into an efficiency apartment by adding a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchenette, and rent out the space. The renovations will pay for themselves in no time. In between renters, you can use the space for out-of-town guests and friends crashing out.

Aloha Restoration are remodeling experts and fire remediation contractors. We wear many hats, so we can help you no matter what your home remodeling needs are. Contact us today!

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