Professional Carpet Cleaning

Finding the right carpet cleaning company goes beyond opening the phone book or scrolling through search engine results. The carpet in your home sends a clear message to everyone that sees it. Dirty carpet sends the wrong message. It is the home’s best asset and should look great all the time. You want experienced professionals to clean your carpet. However, before you contact anyone, know what to look for in a carpet cleaning service.

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

Money is a concern for most people, and no one wants to overpay for anything. Don’t go for the cheapest option, though—you might be disappointed. Rushing into a contract with the cheapest cleaner could mean paying twice. There’s a reason they’re the cheapest option, and it’s probably because they do shoddy work. Some companies offer a super low price to get in the door, then they find other things around your house they can upsell you. Make your choice based on recommendations and quality as well as price.

Ask About Additional Services

The advertised price you see when looking for a carpet cleaning service is usually a base price. Additional services will cost extra, so find out what the other costs might be. As you shop around, ask what services are included with the advertised price. Will they move the furniture? Does it cost more to clean the stairs? Will they clean high traffic areas? Ask questions like these while calling around.

Consider the Employees

Don’t freak out, but when you hire carpet cleaners, you’re letting strangers into your house. Make sure you only hire a company that does background checks on their employees and screens them thoroughly. A reputable carpet cleaning company should take responsibility for its employees and not put their customers in danger. They should be an honest company that operates in the open. They should also make amends for any damage done to belongings by their employees.

Check the Reviews

Check several online reviews to get an idea of past performance. Don’t just read one or two reviews—dig deep to get a good idea of the company. Keep them all in perspective, too. A one-star review could be an angry person that is out to sabotage the company, and a five-star could be the owner’s mom trying to help. Check with the Better Business Bureau as well to find out if there are any formal complaints against them.

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