Kitchen remodeling

Remodeling and changing the look of your house every year isn’t realistic unless you are a professional remodeling contractor; even then, it’s a stretch. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make some changes every once in a while, though. You can find a trend that speaks to you and update a room in your house; then, the next year, you can find another trend you like and pick a different room. Trends come and go, and people have different tastes, so it can be tough to pin down what is going to be the next big thing. Take a look at some of the biggest home remodeling trends for 2021.

Naval Color Trend

“Naval color trend” sounds funny, so let’s say that navy blue is going to be the hot color. Designers are mixing navy into their plans already. They are combining the dark accents with lighter woods for an elegant and contemporary look.

Light Woods

Dark mahogany and chestnut wood grains have been on top for a long time, especially in the kitchen. One of the biggest home remodeling trends for 2021, though, will be light woods. From Scandinavian inspirations, the light woods will adorn walls and ceilings as well as floors. Combined with the navy accents, this will be the look for many years.

Sustainable Modern Design

Concern for the environment and reducing waste is always a trend to get behind. New bioplastic materials, reused materials, and low impact on the environment materials will be a trend in 2021. Artists and designers are looking for ways to use these materials in their work.

Statement Pieces

For a more sophisticated look, homes will have a central work of art as a statement piece on display. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so be on the lookout for artwork that speaks to you. Clear spaces are becoming in vogue, so people are emptying rooms and devoting the space to a work of art.

Natural Elements

One good thing the COVID lockdowns did is increase everyone’s appreciation for the outdoors. Being stuck in the house for months on end spurred some extra creativity. People are bringing the outdoors indoors and surrounding themselves with plants and natural tones. Natural and organic materials remind us of exterior life and beautiful mixed interiors.

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