The Detrimental Effects of Humidity in Your Home

Moisture is everywhere in your home, and there’s nothing you can do about it. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, but it can become troublesome if the moisture levels get too high. This can happen when there are leaks in your roof or cracks in your home’s foundation or when your windows and doors aren’t properly sealed, among other things. Here are some of the detrimental effects of humidity in your home.

Poor Health

The biggest threat of excess moisture is to your family’s well-being. Excess humidity can lead to breathing problems and even trigger asthma attacks. It can also cause your body to experience temperature regulation problems if your sweat cannot evaporate properly. Finally, micro-organisms in the air can lead to sickness.

Uninvited Visitors

The germs in the air aren’t the only uninvited guests that could arrive as the plus-one to high humidity. Bugs are drawn to areas with elevated moisture, and your home could become a breeding ground. Mold also thrives in high humidity, and it can wreak havoc on everything in your home.

Rot and Decay

Along with mold comes the rot that eats away at the foundation of your house. Many places, including the baseboards, furniture, and the corners of your bathroom, are vulnerable to damage if not properly ventilated.

Damaged Electronics

Moisture can also cause damage to your electronics. Aside from the fire risk that comes with electricity and water, high humidity can damage your electronic devices in many other ways. Excess moisture is actually the leading cause of failure in devices, causing short circuits and damage to contacts.

Humidity has many potential effects on your home, but there are ways to fight back against the damage. Let the experts at Aloha Restoration get your place back to normal if it has suffered from any of the detrimental effects of humidity in your home. We proudly offer flood damage restoration and mold removal in Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas.

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