Busted pipe

When a water pipe bursts in your home, it can be a scary experience. But after confirming the leak, many homeowners don’t know their next few moves will play an important role in determining how severe the damage becomes. Here is what to do if your pipes burst.

Shut Down the Main Water Valve

The first step after identifying the leak is to shut off the water main. Ideally, you should already know where your main water valve is and how to safely shut it off before your pipes ever have a chance to burst. If you live somewhere where you don’t have access to the water main, such as an apartment, you should know the emergency maintenance phone number for your complex.

Locate the Damage

Finding the burst pipe is your next task. Dripping or pooled water, water stains, and bubbling or peeling paint are all signs you’re in the right place. You might also be able to hear the leak if the burst is large enough.

Shut Down the Power

After locating the burst pipe, your next stop should be your fuse box to shut off the electricity to the area where the burst occurred. This prevents electrocution and the possibility of fire. As with the water main, you should ideally know where your fuse box is and what fuse to flip to power down each section of your home.

Contact Help

Your first call should be to a plumber to come to inspect and repair the burst pipe. You will want to get the go-ahead from the plumber before turning the water main valve back on. If there is further damage to the wiring in the walls or ceilings, you will also need to call an electrician to come repair.

Salvage What You Can

After the damage has been assessed and the repair companies called, you need to start the cleanup process. Prioritize items that are already dry or have a good chance of being salvaged. Important documents, electronics, and favorite possessions are all critical to remove from the area if possible.

Remove the Water

Finally, try to soak up as much of the water as possible. A good shop vac should be able to suck up both wet and dry debris. Lay down towels to control the dampness. If there is sitting water on the carpet, you may need to pull the carpeting up to prevent mold.

If you do find that cleanup is complicated by sitting water or mold, call the water damage restoration experts at Aloha Restoration. They have the experience and can help you with what to do if your pipes burst.

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