Why You Shouldn’t DIY Mold Removal

For most projects around the home, a good how-to video and some elbow grease are enough. But mold removal is not your average project. There are several dangers present for homeowners who try to take care of infestations themselves. Here’s why you shouldn’t DIY mold removal.

You Don’t Know the Mold Type

There are many different varieties of mold that all fit within the same family of fungus. But they can be hard to distinguish to the untrained eye. Knowledge of the proper chemicals and removal techniques for each variety is just one of the many benefits that come with an experienced mold removal professional. If you try to remove mold yourself, you could be using the wrong tools for that particular job.

Health Hazards

Many health hazards can come with DIY mold removal. As you probably know, mold is extremely damaging to the house as well as to your health. Common symptoms found in people whose homes have mold problems include headaches, fatigue, fungal infections, and bronchitis. And you could be setting more mold spores free into the air if you don’t let an expert handle the problem.

The Size of the Job

Mold removal is a big job, and most common household cleaners aren’t fit for the project. Even bleach isn’t strong enough to kill all mold spores. Most people assume they’re done once they no longer see the mold, but mold remediation companies know this is only the beginning of eliminating the problem. You won’t be able to completely clean mold from some surfaces—only a professional can help you with these problem spots.

You Could Make Matters Worse

The final reason why you shouldn’t DIY mold removal is that you can very easily make the problem worse. By trying to remove the mold on our own, you could be releasing thousands of mold spores into the air. These can stick to surfaces where there was no mold growth before. You could also ingest them and begin to develop health problems. You could end up making things more difficult and expensive for yourself.

If you’re looking for the best mold remediation in Arlington Heights, IL, give the experts at Aloha Restoration a call. We have the experience to handle all your mold, fire, and water damage restoration projects to get your house back to feeling like your home.

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