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One of the most terrifying experiences that a person can go through is a fire in their home. A house fire can not only destroy their material possessions but also threaten their personal safety as well. Severe health consequences can also stem from smoke inhalation. Smoke is a toxic substance that wreaks havoc on the lungs, and it can have many other detrimental health effects. Here is why house fire smoke is so toxic.

It Releases Carbon Monoxide

An insidious gas, carbon monoxide is so dangerous because it takes the place of oxygen in the blood, starving your organs of the very element they need to keep running. Carbon monoxide poisoning has many symptoms, including headache, dizziness, weakness, chest pain, and confusion. All of these are unpleasant and can make escaping a house fire that much more difficult.

It Releases Chemicals into the Air

Another reason why house fire smoke is toxic is that it poses the additional threat of releasing chemicals into the air from items that have burned in the fire. Many common household items release toxic products into the air. One of these poisonous gases is cyanide, which is especially dangerous because it can prevent your body from using or even absorbing oxygen.

It Causes Respiratory Problems

Respiratory problems can quickly overwhelm anybody trapped in a fire. It’s a natural side effect of smoke inhalation, which can cause oxygen deprivation and make it harder for someone to escape the fire. Inhaling smoke also has long-term consequences, including your lungs absorbing the aforementioned dangerous chemicals.

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