gutter filled with leaves

No one wants to spend their day on a ladder, digging out the leaves, twigs, and other debris that has ended up in the gutter. But taking the time to properly clean them out can prevent water from causing damage to many of the different parts of your home. Here are four ways that demonstrate how clogged gutters can damage your home.

Foundation Damage

A functional gutter system should carry rainwater through a downspout that leads away from the base of your home. But if your gutters become clogged, water starts to overflow from the top of the gutter, causing pooled water to sit at the foundation of the home. This weakens the wall through cracks that form as the result of erosion.

Gutter Problems

Clogged gutters lead to structural damage if you allow them to fester for too long. Seeds can start to grow in gutters in the right circumstances, and the roots can cause damage to the system. Clogs also keep water from draining, which adds extra weight to the gutters that they simply can’t handle.


Another example of how clogged gutters can damage your home is through destruction caused by sitting water in your basement. There is a big risk of flooding if you have a basement that isn’t waterproof. Water from the gutters can roll down the side of the home and into the foundation’s cracks into your home. This can lead to moisture in the basement or flooding in extreme circumstances.

Wall and Ceiling Damage

Water can cause damage to the walls and ceiling in the rest of your home as well. Sitting water eventually rots the fascia boards that hold the gutters to the home. This can tear shingles off the roof if the gutters fall free. During the winter, water expands as it freezes into ice, which is an opportunity for moisture to sneak into your home.

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