fuzzy white, green and orange mold spots

For the better part of the last century, the drug Penicillin has been responsible for curing many of the worst diseases and infections ever known to humankind. But few people realize this miracle cure is the byproduct of mold that has been weaponized to fight the illness. The fungus itself is still hazardous, especially if left unchecked in your home. Here is what to know about Penicillium mold.

Facts About the Mold

First identified in the early 19th century, this fungus is commonly found in homes and is usually a blue, green, or yellow color. Though some of the more than 300 estimated species are useful in the production of certain foods and medications, most are not as helpful and are a common cause of food spoilage.

Penicillium most commonly occurs in cool, damp places where it can quickly take hold and multiply. It’s also frequently spotted on various ruined foods around the kitchen such as produce, vegetables, and bread. Home interiors are not immune to the threat; ceiling tiles and wood surfaces are also common breeding grounds.

Risks from Penicillium

Aside from ruining some otherwise edible food, there are several different health risks associated with Penicillium mold being free to grow without intervention. Here are some of the ways that it can negatively impact people.

One of the apparent risks comes from eating food that has been exposed to mold. Ingesting even a small amount of contaminated food can lead to illness from mycotoxins. Penicillium also triggers allergic reactions in those with mold allergies, along with upsetting the delicate balance of people living with asthma. Infants and the elderly are especially susceptible to the adverse health effects.

For more information on the dangers of Penicillium, contact the home remediation experts at Aloha Restoration. Our team of professionals has the experience to handle mold removal in Hoffman Estates and the surrounding communities, as well as the knowledge to educate you on what to know about Penicillium mold. Let the team at Aloha Restoration put your mind at ease the next time you suspect a mold infestation.

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