3 Reasons for Mold in Your Home

Mold is a terrifying word for many homeowners for a variety of reasons. This fungus can lead to property damage and illness if ignored for too long. But there are many things you can do to stop mold in its tracks if you know where to look. Here is a closer look at the most common places mold can grow in your home.


One of the most common locations for a mold outbreak is a bathroom due to the moisture in the room. Here are some of the places to check for mold in your bathroom.


Check along tile and around ledges in the bathtub, as these places can become breeding grounds for fungus if not cleaned regularly.


Around the lip of the sink and under its base near the pipes are prime locations for mold to strike if you are unprepared. The same goes for underneath soap bottles and in toothbrush caddies if not adequately maintained.


Under the bowl and rim, in the hard-to-see and reach places, are where mold can grow if you ignore those spaces while cleaning.


There are nearly as many places in the kitchen as in the bathroom where mold can hide. Here are some of the most critical areas to check for fungus.

Kitchen Sink

Everywhere over, in, and under your sink is a mold liability, so be sure to regularly clean and sanitize it to keep your dishes clean and your family safe.

Refrigerator and Pantry

Old or expired food can grow mold or other fungi, so be sure to inspect your refrigerator and pantry for food that’s past its expiration date.

Other Places

There are also many other areas in your home where mold and other fungi can grow. After your bathroom and kitchen, these are the most common places mold can grow in your home.

Attics and Basements

Performing regular inspections of your attic and basement can help reduce the possibility of mold outbreaks. Inspect areas where moisture is present and make any necessary repairs.

Window Sills and Vents

Window ledges and the areas around vents are also places where fungus can hide and thrive. Keeping these spaces dry helps prevent further outbreaks.

If your mold problem is too much to handle, call the team at Aloha Restoration. Our expert staff regularly performs mold removal in Arlington Heights and the surrounding communities.

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