water seeping under window onto wood floor

Flooding is one of the most destructive events that can occur in a home. No matter what part of your home is underwater, there is likely to be extensive damage to everything in the immediate area. But depending upon how much pollution is in the water, it may remain possible to salvage some of the possessions. Here’s more on the different types of floodwater contamination.

Clean Water

As far as flooding goes, you should consider yourself fortunate if you only have to deal with clean water. This is the type of floodwater that does not pose an immediate health threat due to exposure. A clean water flood can result from leaking pipes, broken appliances, overflowing faucets, or any number of other ways. Recovery from a flood consisting only of clean water is generally much easier; however, be aware that mold growth starts occurring in as little as 24 hours.


Greywater is the next level of contamination. Greywater comes from many different sources inside the home, including toilets, dishwashers, and showers, and contains pathogens that can cause sickness if ingested. These floods are more difficult to recover from because of the short timeframe before the sitting water turns into blackwater.


The most dangerous of the different types of floodwater contamination is blackwater. This classification belongs to any wastewater exposed to fecal matter from humans or animals. It is crucial to treat floodwater from outside the home as if it were blackwater because it is impossible to know if any animal waste has infected it before. Sitting blackwater is a cesspool of bacteria and pathogens that often requires professional help to aid in the restoration.

When it comes to helping families put their lives back together after a flood, the team at Aloha Restoration is here for you every step of the way. Our water remediation company has the expertise to get you back into your home safely in no time.

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