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Do you clean your flooring enough at home? Even with regular vacuuming, carpet can still hide dirt, stains, and allergens. This leaves your home feeling stuffy and dirty. Here are some signs it’s time to get your carpet cleaned. Knowing them will allow you to get the professional service you need and return to enjoying your space.

Noticeable Allergies

If you start to notice a trend of allergies in your family members, it could be due to allergens trapped in your flooring. When not cleaned regularly, carpeting can collect all kinds of particles, including hair and dander (especially when you have pets in the home), pollen, and dust. Any movement or foot traffic through carpeted areas can kick up these allergens and cause reactions.

Because many people have allergy symptoms for various reasons, your flooring might not be the exclusive culprit behind itchiness, sneezing, or coughing. But, if you notice allergies alongside any of the following signs, there’s a good chance your carpet is overdue for a cleaning.

Visible Dirt and Stains

Over time, your rugs will start to accumulate dirt and stains that you simply can’t remove with regular vacuuming or spot cleaning. When this happens, the best course of action is to try a professional carpet cleaning. These deep-cleaning services are more effective at tackling tough stains and dirt than the traditional hand scrubbing method. If your carpet looks worn out and dull, a professional cleaning can also leave it feeling more plush and vibrant because the workers will remove set-in dirt that you couldn’t get rid of previously.

Conspicuous Smells

When you notice your carpet has an unpleasant smell, skip the temporary aerosol solutions and schedule a thorough cleaning. We particularly advise a cleaning if your carpet has a musty or mildewy odor, as this could be a sign of mold growth on its underside or in the fibers. If your home has high humidity levels or recently experienced water damage, there’s a higher chance of mold growth in your rugs. Contact your local mold remediation service for further help. Aloha Restoration Co. offers carpet cleaning services and mold remediation in Arlington Heights, IL, if you’re in the Chicagoland area.

A Long Time Since the Last Cleaning

A good rule of thumb for your carpets is that you should have them professionally cleaned every one to two years. The only exception to this is when you have a brand-new carpet, in which case you could wait up to 48 months for a cleaning, depending on your home’s typical foot traffic. These periods vary from home to home, especially in homes with pets or kids.

Check for these signs it’s time to get your carpet cleaned the next time you perform upkeep around your house. A good professional carpet cleaning helps your home feel more fresh, comfortable, and safe. Call Aloha Restoration Co. for all your professional home service needs.

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