Home Restoration Versus Renovation: What’s the Difference?

Assessing the needs of your home is something you can do as a precursor to reaching out to home repair and alteration specialists. Either your home needs repair—whether that’s due to bathroom mold, water damage, or something else—or your home is ready for new additions! Expanding your kitchen, finishing your basement, or updating your bathroom all become options when your home is ready for renovation! Read on to dive into the difference between home restoration and renovation.


If you’re seeking home restoration, you’re looking to repair damage to your home. The damage caused by fire- and water-related disasters don’t go away when the immediate emergency ends. For instance, even a small fire can leave residual smoke on the walls of your home, which can be damaging to your health. Mold usually comes after water damage and can be dangerous for people with asthma and allergies. Addressing these issues with professional mold removal or fire damage repair is an essential step before you restore your home.


Once your home is fully restored, you can begin considering how you’d like to improve your property. Some common renovations include modernizing bathrooms, adding an island to your kitchen, and finishing your home’s basement or attic. After an in-home assessment, your ideas can guide the remodeling team as they bring your concepts to life. Remember, the process of your home interior renovation should be a creative endeavor; there are hundreds of options you can choose from!

Whether you’re looking to change your home to make it safe for your family, finishing your dream home, or even preparing to sell it, understanding what the difference is between restoration and renovation is the first step. Once you know which your home needs, you’ll be ready to contact your local licensed remodeling team and get a quote!

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