4 Tips To Effectively Use a Dehumidifier in Your Home

If your home feel slightly muggy or damp, there may be high levels of humidity in your space. One of the most effective ways to pull some of this excess moisture from the air is to use a dehumidifier. To get the most out of your unit, follow these four tips to effectively use a dehumidifier in your home.

Make Sure You Have the Right Unit

Every home is different, so make sure you have the right dehumidifier for your space. The size of the dehumidifier you need will be depend on the room you leave it in and the desired result. If you want to pull moisture out of a small space such as a bathroom or storage closet, a smaller unit would work just fine. However, drying out larger spaces such as a basement or entire floor will require a larger dehumidifier.

Choose the Right Placement

You’ll want to give your dehumidifier unit plenty of space. This means you shouldn’t place it against a wall or in the corner of a room. The model you choose will have different recommendations in terms of placement, so make sure to refer to the user’s manual for optimal placement instructions. However, keeping it out in the open is a good rule of thumb.

Use the Proper Setting

The ideal moisture level for the average home is about 30 to 50% relative humidity. If the air in your space feels muggy and damp, odds are, your humidity levels are well over that number. Start your dehumidifier at around 40% and see how it improves the air quality. You can then adjust from there to find a setting between that 30 and 50% range that feels best for your home.

Empty the Reservoir

And finally, don’t forget to empty the water container! Most dehumidifiers have auto shut-off functions once the water reservoir becomes full, and they won’t continue to pull water out of the air to avoid overflowing. Empty this water container regularly so that your dehumidifier will be able to function properly.

We hope these four tips to effectively use a dehumidifier in your home have helped. High humidity levels can be more than just a nuisance—they can cause mold growth and water damage. Therefore, it’s important to set up a dehumidifier as soon as possible.

If you suspect your home may have already experienced mold or water damage in Schaumburg, IL, or the surrounding areas, call Aloha Restoration Co. for professional mold remediation.

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