3 Ways To Protect Your Valuables From Fire Damage

Fires, floods, and other disasters are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. When it comes to a house fire, the event can be especially heart wrenching when we lose precious memories and valuables. Know that there are steps you can take to minimize these types of damages and protect your most important belongings. Keep reading to learn three ways to protect your valuables from fire damage.

Buy or Rent a Safe

Fireproof safes are not completely heat resistant. At a high enough temperature, the documents, money, or electronics stored in your safe could still catch fire and melt. Fireproof safes are ideal for buying enough time for emergency services to arrive and start extinguishing the fires.

If you want a more surefire way to protect your belongings, consider renting a safe or safety deposit box that’s located in a bank or other facility. Many banks offer this feature for a small fee but using a deposit box is a secure way to keep your valuables safe. Many people choose to store their important documents such as their birth certificate, passport (when not in use), deeds, and other forms in a safety deposit box.

Make Digital Copies When Possible

If you worry about losing precious photos and family memorabilia to a fire, try making a digital copy of these items. You can digitalize printed photos and scrapbook pages through a scanner, which many libraries or photo printing services offer. If you leave digital photos stored on a flash drive or SD card, these are even easier to back up and send to a cloud service. Most computers or laptops even have an SD card drive for you to upload your photos and videos. Send these digital copies to a cloud computing service where they will be safe for as long as you need them.

Use Fire Prevention Methods

The best way to keep your home and valuables safe is by preventing a fire in the first place. Make sure that you have all necessary smoke detectors installed on each floor and test them regularly. Keep a fire extinguisher near at-risk areas of the house, like the kitchen. Check electrical outlets around your house to make sure that your family isn’t overusing them. Most importantly, make sure that you have an evacuation plan for a real emergency situation.

These are some of the best ways to protect your valuables from fire damage. House fires are a frightening concept to any homeowner but taking these steps can help you prepare for and minimize your losses in the future. If you do experience a fire, you can rely on the fire restoration contractors here at Aloha Restoration Co. to assess your damages and help you reclaim and recover your belongings after the blaze.

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