Heater Safety: 4 Tips To Keep Your Family Safe This Winter

As the fall season passes by, winter is on everyone’s mind. With winter comes cold weather and all the preparations associated with the cold. Whether using an automatic heat source like an HVAC unit or a manual source like a fireplace, make sure you know all the best safety tips. Keep reading to learn four heater safety tips to keep your family safe this winter.

Be Cautious With Flammable Materials

When you light a fire in the fireplace or set up a space heater in your home, be aware of your surroundings. Always keep flammable materials, such as curtains, blankets, pillows, and clothing, at least three feet away from any heating system. When too close to the heat source, these items can easily catch fire and spread the flames around your home. Try not to sit too close to the heat source either, especially near the fireplace.

Have Regular Tune-Ups

Schedule inspections for your various heat sources before the winter season. Hire a local business to assess your HVAC unit, fireplace, and any space heaters you use. It’s normal for these heat sources to need regular repairs and tune-ups after some time. In fact, it’s best to schedule inspections for these items annually. Remember to get your fireplace checked and cleaned regularly, as well. Also, change your HVAC air filter before the season begins.

Never Leave Heaters Unattended

One of the biggest safety tips for using manual heat sources like space heaters and fireplaces is to avoid leaving them unattended. Without care, any fires that break out could spread to uncontrollable levels. Never go to sleep with a space heater or fireplace still operating for these reasons.

Test Your Alarms

If a fire were to spread through your home without you knowing, you would want something to alert you immediately. This is why you should test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors around this time of year. You should check your smoke detectors every month, or at least several times a year.

Do everything you can to prevent heater-based fires with these four heater safety tips to keep your family safe this winter. However, if you need to hire fire restoration contractors, contact Aloha Restoration, Co.

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