4 Tips To Protect Your Home From Storm Damage This Winter

The winter season brings lots of excitement for the holidays, but it can also be a dreadful season for homeowners. Winter storms often wreak havoc on homes and properties. Prepare for the winter storm season with these four tips to protect your home from storm damage this winter. Follow these tips so that you can get back to enjoying the holidays knowing your home is safe and secure.

Clear Gutters and Storm Drains

Before the snow starts to fall, you should clean up the leaves around your property. Clear out your home’s gutters and storm drains to prevent runoff from sleet and melting snow and ice. If your gutters remain clogged and all that runoff has nowhere to go, it will soak into your home’s foundation, causing water damage and mold. This is why clearing your gutters is so important. This task will become ten times more difficult when you have a layer of snow on the ground and your roof. So make sure to take care of it early.

Trim Tree Branches

Unruly tree branches can also be a danger to your home during the winter, so it’s best to trim them during the fall. Keep branches trimmed and away from your roof, walkways, and driveway. They can break off, fall, and cause damage to your home, family, or vehicles if you leave them unruly. Ice storms coat longer branches and cause them to droop and break more easily. Therefore, it’s best to trim them to a safe length beforehand.

Monitor Snow and Ice on Your Roof

During years with particularly heavy snowfalls, your home may not be able to handle all of the snow that piles on top of it. Monitor how much snow builds up on your roof, as heavy layers can form ice dams or cause your roof to cave in. If your roof has six or more inches of snow and you’re expecting more, it’s best to call a professional to remove the snow.

Prevent Freezing Pipes

While frozen pipes may not result directly from storm damage, frigid winter temperatures can still cause your indoor pipes to freeze or burst, leading to indoor water damage. Make sure to keep the warm air circulating around your home during the winter, even in less-used spaces like the basement. You can also wrap pipes in insulating materials or open your cabinet doors to allow more heat to circulate. If you have trouble with bursting pipes often, contact your local water mitigation services like us here at Aloha Restoration, Co.

Don’t let winter storms ruin your holiday season this year. With these tips to protect your home from storm damage this winter, you can prepare your home so that you can sit back, relax, and let it snow.

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