4 Early Signs of Roof Water Damage in Your Home

You must monitor your home for signs of damage—even the parts that are hard to see. The roof, for example, can be a tricky area to inspect. Get creative with how you identify roof damage. Make sure you know these four early signs of roof water damage in your home to watch out for. Identifying these signs will help you catch roof damage early.

Mold and Mildew

No one wants to find mold or mildew in their home. While these things may be a sign of several different issues throughout your home, they can certainly be a sign of roof water damage, depending on where you find it. If you find mold growing indoors in your attic or on your ceilings, the water damage may have already spread. Mold may also form along the exterior walls where your roof and home meet.

Water Spots

Water spots on your walls and ceiling indoors are a bad sign that water damage may have spread. Water spots can form if your roof or pipes are leaking. Find the underlying cause and address the issue before the water damage worsens or develops into mold.


Rust may show up in your home in several locations if you’ve sustained roof water damage. It can affect your gutters, chimney, and other outdoor fixtures and roof parts. Rust means that rainwater is not draining properly. It could be draining alongside your home or even into it. It can also affect areas inside your home, such as your ductwork or other exposed metal surfaces.

Roof or Shingle Damage

Homeowners don’t have much reason to suspect damage to their roofs under normal conditions. However, if your area has just experienced strong winds or a storm, make sure to check your roof for damage. Rain and winter storms that are strong enough to damage your roof should be taken very seriously. Water can immediately enter through any damaged areas during a storm.

Always be on the lookout for these four early signs of roof water damage in your home. If you notice or suspect mold development in your Chicagoland home, reach out to us at Aloha Restoration, Co. We provide mold remediation in Arlington Heights, IL, and other Chicagoland cities. Our mold experts will help you find the underlying cause of your mold issues and restore your home to its best condition.

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