Many homeowners are content with the cleanliness of their carpeting after vacuuming. However, you might be surprised to hear that vacuuming alone isn’t usually enough to keep your carpet as clean as it should be. Keep reading to learn the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning service and why you might want to schedule one for your own home.

Deep Cleans Dirt and Germs

Even if you vacuum regularly, you should still schedule a regular deep cleaning service for your carpet. Vacuuming only removes the surface layer of dirt on your carpet, and it’s difficult to remove stubborn dirt and other debris by vacuuming alone. Your carpet can also collect bacteria that you or your pets might track in from outside. Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning penetrates deep into the carpet fibers to treat these areas. A deep, professional carpet cleaning is the most effective method to remove the set-in dirt and germs.

Promotes a Healthier Environment

Dirt and germs aren’t the only things that get stuck in your carpet. Allergens like pet dander, dust, pollen, and even mold spores also collect in the fibers of your carpet. These allergens then get kicked up into the air whenever you walk across your rug. Getting your carpet professionally deep cleaned helps remove these allergens, which improves your indoor air quality and even helps reduce allergies.

Enhances Your Carpet’s Appearance

Whether your family wears shoes indoors or not, your carpet still attracts dirt and stains that can be difficult to get rid of. From food and drink spills (including the dreaded red wine spill) to pet accidents and more, our carpets take a beating. This wear and tear results in carpet stains that average cleaning products can’t remove. A professional cleaning service is ideal for removing dirt buildup and stains to leave your carpet with a fresh, clean appearance. Sometimes, a professional cleaning treatment is the only way to remove these set-in stains.

Extends Your Carpet’s Lifespan

Did you know that dirt and allergen buildup in the fibers of your carpet can lead to more wear and tear on your rugs? This debris loosens and deteriorates your carpet fibers over time. By removing it through professional carpet cleaning, you extend the lifespan of your carpet. This treatment will keep your carpet looking new and fresh for years to come instead of breaking down prematurely.

Now that you know the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning service, you should reach out to us at Aloha Restoration if you need professional carpet cleaning yourself. We can also aid you with mold removal or remediation services. Contact us for carpet cleaning or mold removal in Lake County and the surrounding areas today.

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