Getting ready to put your home up for sale is an exciting time, but don’t rush into it. Without taking the time to carefully prepare your home for staging, you could lose out on potential buyers. You want your home to look as presentable and desirable as possible. Tackling these projects to complete before putting your house on the market can help your home get the attention it deserves.

Home Restoration Projects

If your home has been the victim of storms or other types of damage in the past, this should be at the top of your list. You may have lived with small soot stains from a fire or water marks from a leaky roof, but these small marks will be immediate red flags to potential homebuyers. Call your local home restoration professionals like those at Aloha Restoration to help repair the damage and restore your home’s style and charm.


While it might sound obvious, decluttering is an important step that many homeowners forget before staging their homes. Excess clutter in a new home can be another red flag to potential homebuyers. They might see clutter as a sign that your home doesn’t have enough storage space, even though it might have plenty of storage on paper. So, don’t rush through or skip decluttering when it comes to showing your home.

Repaint the Rooms

Whether your walls are neutral or colorful, repainting them is a must before putting your home on the market. If your walls feature bright, bold colors, you may want to consider repainting them neutrals like off-white or beige. Not everyone has the same taste in wall colors, but neutrals are typically a good starting point. If your walls are currently neutral but you haven’t painted them in a while, you should still add a new coat of paint. This helps cover any dirt, stains, and other markings that might make your home appear dirty.

If you’re planning to sell your home this year, make sure you prepare with these tips. These projects to complete before putting your house on the market can help increase the value of your home and increase the likelihood of potential buyers taking an interest. And if you need help completing any home restoration projects, contact us at Aloha Restoration Co. for water mitigation services and more.

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