Common House Fire Hazards People Often Overlook

No homeowner wants to go through the devastating event of a house fire. To keep your chances of a house fire down, you need to stay educated and know what causes house fires in the first place. Keep reading to learn some of the common house fire hazards people often overlook to watch out for.

Laundry-Related Fires

There are many fire hazards hiding in plain sight in your laundry room. Did you know that clothes dryer fires are one of the most common types of house fires? When you use your clothes washing machine and dryer units correctly, they don’t pose a threat, but incorrect use can cause fires. When excess lint from drying clothes collects in the lint trap or ventilation of your dryer, it can cause the dryer to overheat. The lint itself also poses a fire risk, as it’s quite flammable. Always check your clothes dryer and its outdoor ventilation between uses.

Electrical Outlets & Cords

Most of us don’t give outlets and extension cords a second thought at home. Many rooms have difficult-to-access outlets, which require the use of extension cords. However, make sure you’re using these electrical accessories carefully. Never run electrical cords underneath rugs or carpeting, as this poses a fire risk. And never use frayed or old electrical cables, as these can cause electrical fires. Also, be aware of the number of cords and devices you have plugged into a signal outlet. Too many plug-ins can overload it. Invest in a power strip and surge protector to prevent electrical fires.

Unattended Fire Hazards

Often, while we’re trying to double-task around the house, we’re tempted to leave things unattended. Never leave items like candles, boiling pots and pans, fireplaces, and other fire hazards unattended, even while you’re still in another room. Additionally, never leave your oven or clothes dryer on when you leave the house. If a fire were to occur, you wouldn’t be able to shut off these appliances or be there to react and keep the damage to a minimum.

Cooking Hazards

On top of unattended ovens and stovetops, cooking can pose some additional fire hazards at home. Make sure to monitor and clean the inside of your oven regularly so that baked-on grease and food don’t start to build up. Grease can also collect on your cooking sheets and pans, which can begin to smoke and burn when heated. Always thoroughly clean your cooking utensils between each use.

As a homeowner, make sure to be aware of the most common house fire hazards people often overlook. Homeowners make these simple fire safety mistakes daily, but you shouldn’t fall into the same pattern. It’s always best to be ready for a house fire, which involves knowing your evacuation strategy and having a recovery plan. If you’re ever looking for a cleanup team for fire damage in Wheeling, IL, or the surrounding suburbs, contact us at Aloha Restoration.

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