How Grey Water Flooding Affects Your Basement

Did you know there are distinct types of flood damage based on the type of floodwater? Grey water floods are some of the more common household floods, so it’s important to know how they can affect your home. Learn how grey water flooding affects your basement and how to clean up afterward.

What Is Grey Water Damage?

Grey water damage is the second category of water damage between clean water and black water. Grey water falls into the “grey area” of not being as safe as clean water but not being as extremely dangerous as black water. While grey water isn’t as hazardous as black water, it still stems from contaminated sources like toilets, washing machines, sump pumps, and other appliances. Many homeowners utilize these appliances in the basement, so this area is more at risk. Grey water can still be harmful when homeowners come into contact with it due to its sources.

What To Do After a Grey Water Flood

Depending on the level of flood damage and contamination, you should call a professional immediately after you discover grey water flooding. Approach DIY water removal with caution. Professional water removal companies have the proper gear and procedures to stay safe and avoid contact with grey water. During the grey water cleanup process, try to avoid contact as much as possible.

Extra Measures

During the cleanup process, you’ll need to take extra measures to ensure that you can restore your basement to a safe and inhabitable state. Because grey water can contain bacteria and viruses, you’ll need to dry out your basement and sanitize the area as well. It’s best to throw away any furniture, carpeting, and other affected items that you can’t easily sanitize or disinfect. Without proper sanitation, you risk getting sick from the pathogens in grey water. Any type of water damage also heightens the risk of mold growth in your home, so you should also perform mold and mildew cleanup as necessary. Basements are prime locations for post-flooding moisture buildup, so make sure to monitor your basement’s humidity levels.

Grey water flooding can affect your home and health in different ways. Now that you know how grey water flooding affects your basement and how to respond to it, you’ll be ready if a flooding event occurs. If you need water damage restoration in Lake Zurich, IL, or the surrounding areas, you should contact Aloha Restoration, Co. today. We can treat clean water, grey water, or black water damage around your home or business.

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