6 Kitchen Remodeling Trends To Try in 2022

The kitchen is one of the places where we spend the most time at home. Because of this, your kitchen might start to feel outdated or bland sooner than other areas of your home. If you need a fresh, new look for your kitchen this year, consider starting with any of these six kitchen remodeling trends to try in 2022.

Bold Colors and Contrasts

Before you get to work remodeling your kitchen, consider which colors and materials you want to highlight in the space. For example, adding an accent wall to your kitchen is a trendy design choice lately. Accents and bold colors help draw your guests’ attention to the kitchen, which is ideal if you want to use the space for entertaining.

Mix in Antique Touches

Channeling antique and vintage style has been a popular trend in fashion and interior design during the last few years. If you’re a fan of vintage style, you can add vintage and antique accents to your kitchen as well. Adding thrifted tableware or lighting fixtures is an effective way to channel the antique vibes of the vintage style. Try checking your local thrift store for vintage cookbooks, signs, decorations, dishes, and more that you can add to your kitchen remodel.

Built-In Coffee/Wine Bars

If you love mixing drinks from coffee to wine but don’t want to clutter up the counter, try installing a built-in bar. Making coffee at home has become more popular than ever while we’ve all been spending more time at home. For this reason, built-in coffee and wine bars have become more common in kitchen design. With a built-in bar, you can arrange your coffee or wine accessories in a pantry-like space that won’t clutter the rest of your kitchen counters.

Install a Big Island

Another way to maximize countertop space in your kitchen is to add a floating island. Islands have always been a popular kitchen remodeling project, and they’re still an excellent choice for adding additional countertop space. On the other hand, if your kitchen feels too open for your tastes, adding an island is also a great way to occupy open floor space while offering extra storage and countertop real estate.

Open Shelving

Open-concept kitchens have always been a favored design choice in modern homes. If you want to take your open-concept kitchen to the next level, consider forgoing traditional cabinet storage for open shelving. Open shelving utilizes floating shelves to give your kitchen a simple and clean look. This clean appearance is ideal for modern, minimalist kitchens and interior design styles. Tie your home together by utilizing floating shelves throughout the home.

Try a New Backsplash

A new backsplash is also a simple design choice that can drastically change the structure of your kitchen. Consider using a backsplash to highlight your remodeling changes and accent new additions. You could even consider completely revamping your kitchen with an accent wall featuring a new texture, such as stone or wood finish.

If you’re considering any of these six kitchen remodeling trends to try in 2022, contact us at Aloha Restoration Co. today. With our home interior restoration services, we can help your updated kitchen dreams become a reality.

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