What To Do About Fire Damage at Your Business

Whether your business has become the victim of a fire or you’re simply preparing for one, it’s important to know the proper steps to recover from fire damage. When a fire brings your business process to a halt, it’s important to stay calm and start on the road to recovery. Learn the basic steps of how to address fire damage at your business.

Document the Scene

Before you do anything else at the scene of a fire, document the damage and condition of your business. This will be valuable information to present to your insurance company later. Take pictures and thorough notes of everything from property damage to appliances and utilities that were affected. The more evidence and documentation you have, the easier your claim process will be.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Don’t delay in reaching out to your insurance agent after discovering a fire. Addressing the scene quickly and reaching out as soon as possible will help you avoid delays and work your case through the system faster. You also avoid the risk of further damage taking place or the scene of the fire being disturbed before your insurance company can inspect it. Don’t forget to let your property manager or owner know about the accident as well.

If you have customers or clients awaiting communication, now is also the time to send out a statement regarding the accident. Alert your customers and employees alike about delays, relocations, and other immediate changes.

Secure Your Business Space

To prevent your business space from taking on additional damage, secure the scene as best you can. You are responsible for preparing your business site in the aftermath. This might include boarding up broken windows or doors to prevent theft. Consider having a professional inspector evaluate the space for broken plumbing, structural damage, compromised roofing, and more. Place tarps to provide a temporary patch against water damage. Most importantly, make sure that all your building’s utilities are disabled. Water running to a broken pipe, gas leaks, and electrical disconnects will only cause more damage to your property.

Proceed With Cleanup and Repairs

Finally, once you have successfully filed your insurance claim and your agent gives you the green light, you should proceed with the cleanup process. Never try to address large-scale fire remediation by yourself. It’s important to contact a professional for fire cleanup and repair. Professional cleanup teams will have the proper safety gear and experience necessary for proceeding with fire remediation.

Now that you know what to do when fire damage affects your business, you can be better prepared for the event of a fire at your workplace. If you’re already dealing with fire damage and need a remediation team’s help, contact us today at Aloha Restoration Co. We can help restore fire damage in Wheeling, IL and the surrounding Chicagoland area.

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