How Water Damage Can Affect the Structure of Your Home

Never underestimate home water damage. Flooded homes can be breeding grounds for mold and even experience structural damage. Learn how water damage affects the structure of your home. We’ll also discuss some of the signs of damage to watch out for.

A Sagging Roof

Home water damage commonly starts with the roof. It can be difficult to know when your roof has experienced water damage immediately. Look for small signs like water spotting or the smell of mold and mildew. Even a slight crack in your shingles or something as simple as clogged gutters can cause water to enter your home through your roof. Your roof can start to sag, which indicates lower structural integrity and water damage. Inspect your roof from a safe distance or call a professional to address the water damage and inspect the frame supporting your roof. When you see any of these initial signs of water damage, contact your local mold remediation professionals right away.

Water Seepage and Erosion

Water damage is one of the most common causes of home foundation problems. Whether your water damage stems from a leaky roof or runoff from rainwater, this water can eventually seep into your home’s foundation. Excessive amounts of water can also lead the earth and the area around your foundation to erode, causing your home’s foundation to slowly shift over time. Shifts in your foundation can lead to uneven flooring, windows and doors that don’t close, and other structural problems in your home.

Mold Growth

Besides your home’s foundation, water can also seep into building materials like wooden beams and drywall. These types of materials are prone to water absorption, which can lead to mold growth and a host of other problems. When water damage affects your home materials, they become weaker. Drywall can start to peel and sag off your walls, while wooden materials become soft and mold infested. Mold growth also makes these materials dangerous, as the spores can lead to health problems in some people.

Now that you know how water damage can affect the structure of your home, you can be vigilant and watch for these signs of structural damage in your own home. If you discover mold and water damage throughout your home, contact us at Aloha Restoration. We offer mold remediation in Arlington Heights, IL, and the surrounding Chicagoland area.

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