5 Ideas To Take Your Basement to the Next Level

If you’re planning to update your basement in the future, you need to know what’s trending in home remodels. Here are five ideas to help you take your basement to the next level. Use these trends to add value to your home and create your ideal living space.

Finish Your Basement

Finishing your basement can provide extra space and add value to your home. This project can be a lot of work, as it involves lots of different tasks. Depending on how thoroughly you want to renovate your basement, the process could include installing insulation and drywall, painting, installing flooring or carpet, and more. If you’re not experienced in DIY home renovation, contact a local home restoration professional that can provide help with each of these tasks. In fact, if you need assistance with a basement finishing project in the Chicagoland area, our home interior restoration team at Aloha Restoration can help.

Update the Lighting

Once you’ve updated your basement and have a lovely new space for living, you don’t want it to be shrouded in darkness. Basement lighting can be tricky to get right due to the lack of natural light. Recessed ceiling lights are one of the best ways to achieve the right amount of ambient lighting in a basement; these can lights, or downlights, will be installed directly into your ceiling once you’ve finished hanging drywall.

Add an Indoor Bar

For homeowners that love to entertain, you can’t go wrong with installing an indoor bar. The basement is the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks or snacks, especially on weekends or holidays. You can even place a TV near your bar area for easy access to watch sports and more. You’ll need to decide whether you want a wet bar or a dry bar, and note whether your basement can support it with the proper space and plumbing.

Create the Ultimate Man Cave or She Shed

While you’re at it, installing a bar and TV are some of the basic necessities for creating a getaway zone. If you’re looking for a place to hide away in your home where you can unwind and relax, turning your basement into the ultimate man cave or she shed might be just the thing you need. Add some comfortable furniture, supplies for your favorite hobbies, and a mini fridge for snacks and drinks, and you’ve created the ideal spot for relaxing at home.

Build a Walkout

Building a walkout is another fantastic way to add value to your home. Walkouts are independent exits that lead from your basement to your outdoor property and are often features of houses built into a hillside or with a sloping yard. While not right for every home, a walkout can be a wonderful way to add accessibility to your basement.

Take inspiration from these five ideas to help bring your basement to the next level. And if you need assistance with your home remodel, don’t forget to contact us at Aloha Restoration for home interior restoration help and more.

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