What Are the Most Common Forms of Household Mold?

To the average homeowner, different household molds can be difficult to distinguish. Did you know that there are thousands of types of molds that you can find both indoors and outdoors? Some of these molds are more widespread than others. If you’ve ever wondered, “What are the most common forms of household mold?” keep reading to learn a bit more about molds that homeowners often stumble upon.

Mold Categories

Household molds usually fall into one of three main categories: allergenic mold, pathogenic mold, or toxigenic mold.

  • Allergenic: Allergenic molds aren’t toxic like some of the other mold varieties, but they can cause allergy symptoms ranging from seasonal allergies to asthma.
  • Pathogenic: Pathogenic molds are fine for some people, but these molds are more dangerous for others with preexisting conditions. Pathogenic mold can cause illnesses in those who already have asthma or other breathing conditions.
  • Toxigenic: Toxigenic molds are especially concerning because they can create and spread toxic spores. This mold family may cause more severe illness and can even be lethal, especially in susceptible individuals.

Common Household Molds

Now that you know the main categories of mold, we can go over some of the specific types you could find in your home from day to day.


Chaetomium is a type of allergenic mold that often stems from water damage. If your home has experienced a flood or a leak, mold can form in the resulting warm and humid conditions, and it’s likely to be Chaetomium. This mold starts as a fuzzy white growth, but many homeowners confuse it with “black mold” for the darker appearance it develops later.


Stachybotrys is a toxicogenic mold that many homeowners refer to as “black mold” for its dark brown or black appearance. Like the previous type, Stachybotrys also requires moisture to grow. You’ll often find it lurking in bathrooms and other damp areas like ventilation systems. The latter can be an especially dangerous habitat because your ventilation system can transport toxic spores throughout your home. Always contact a professional mold removal service for dealing with toxic Stachybotrys mold.


Aspergillus is a type of pathogenic mold. While not all forms of Aspergillus mold cause illness, some of its forms can do so in individuals with breathing problems or compromised immune systems. Aspergillus is common in the air and home HVAC systems. This is why changing your home air filter and scheduling maintenance for your HVAC unit are crucial, especially for households with family members susceptible to sickness.

We hope this brief guide on the distinct types of molds helps answer the question, “What are the most common forms of household mold?” While some molds are more hazardous than others, always approach mold in your house with caution. If you discover mold in your home, contact Aloha Restoration, Co. We offer mold remediation in Arlington Heights, IL, and the surrounding Chicagoland suburbs.

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