Water Damage from the Recent Storms?


With nearly 6 inches of rainfall hitting Chicagoland earlier this month, water damage is at the forefront of just about everyone’s mind. Whether it’s from torrential rainfall or overflowing storm drains, that amount of water can seep into your home and cause a deluge of issues.

Exterior Damage

Large storms can cause a myriad of issues for a homeowner. One often overlooked cause of storm damage is debris, such as leaves and tree branches. During particularly strong storms, like the ones that recently struck Chicagoland, this debris can be whipped around by high winds, damaging your roof or clogging your gutters. Roof damage is particularly serious, as it gives the rainwater immediate entry inside your home. From there, the water can seep into the wooden frames and drywall of the house, weakening these materials and creating a perfect environment for mold to grow.

Mold Growth

If mold loves one thing, it’s dark and damp spaces. Storm damages are great at creating the conditions for mold to grow by allowing water to reach the vulnerable interior of your home. Mold is often the sign of more extensive water damage, but it can still cause health issues through its spores, as well as contaminating the material it grows on.

Flooding and Blackwater

As if a flood ruining valuables inside your home wasn’t bad enough, some kinds of flooding can be more dangerous than others. Blackwater is the most hazardous type of flooding, as it contains sewage or otherwise contaminated water. This can originate from flooded sewers or even rivers and streams that have overflown due to heavy rainfall.

Blackwater is dangerous as it contains various microorganisms and chemicals that can cause great harm. These microorganisms include pathogens and bacteria that can cause disease. The chemicals in blackwater can also be toxic themselves, not only damaging your health but also causing corrosion to whatever it touches. Blackwater is extremely dangerous, and removal should only be handled by experienced professionals.

Although these issues may seem scary, there’s no need to be alarmed, Aloha’s got you covered! With #AlohaToTheRescue, your home will be back in mint condition in no time flat. From water damage restoration to mold removal, we can do it all. Aloha will even handle all the communication with your insurance company, so you can put all your energy into making your home feel like home again! Even if another huge storm comes around, just remember, at Aloha we reign when it pours!

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