What to do when You Fall out of Love with Your Home

No longer feeling that spark from your home and looking to remodel? Here’s 3 tips to help rekindle those feelings!

Identify the Root Cause of Your Feelings

The first step to returning your home to your personal paradise is to find out what made it magical in the first place, and then see what changed. Was your home in style at the time, but has now fallen out of fashion? Did that “useful” feature end up gathering dust? Has your home been damaged by mold or water? Figuring out the cause of your dissatisfaction can help you realize what you actually want. Think of all the times you thought “I wish I had this in my home” or “I wish my room looked like this”. Use these feelings to guide yourself to finding what you truly want from a home remodel.

Categorize features as “Needs”, “Wants”, and “Do Not Wants”

Once you’ve identified the source of your dissatisfaction, think about what would make it better. Categorize features into “Needs”, “Wants”, and “Do Not Wants”.

“Needs” are for changes that you absolutely must have for your remodel. These are often thought of as large features, but can be anything that you deem necessary for the remodel. Even “small” features like a change in paint or curtain color can be a “Need”. A “Need” is a core reason behind doing a remodel in the first place. Without it, the renovation would feel incomplete.

“Wants” are features that you would like to have, but can live without. This could be for a number of reasons, such as budget, time required, etc. Often, “Wants” are the “extra” features in addition to the main features.

“Do Not Wants” are the most simple category. They are features that absolutely should not be present in the final renovation. These can be possible additions or features already present before the remodel that you want removed, or just features you know you do not want in your home.

Make a Plan and Prepare Questions

After deciding what is and isn’t necessary for your home renovation project, you should make a plan on what exactly you want done. Use the categories from the last tip to help guide yourself through the process.

Making a plan is important as it allows you to put your thoughts together and easily convey exactly what you want to your home remodelers. With Aloha, we provide a free in-home assessment to plan the best way to meet your home renovation goals. Be sure to prepare any questions you might have about the process as well. We strive to have a collaborative dialogue with the homeowner, and bringing a well thought out plan and asking questions will help us meet your goals and provide the best possible


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