While many people think that treating a mold infestation is easy, there are many mistakes that can be easily overlooked. Luckily, Aloha is here to help. With our plentiful experience in mold removal, we put together this list of common mistakes made when treating mold, so that you can be prepared to take on mold!

1.   Not Using Proper Protective Gear

Mold can cause a wide variety of health issues, especially ones that affect the respiratory system. While it seems obvious to wear a protective face covering, such as an N95 Mask, many neglect the other ways mold can enter the body. For example, mold spores entering your eyes can cause eye swelling and excessive tears, which can lead to even more eye problems down the road. Mold can also irritate your skin, causing itchiness and swelling.

The solution to these issues is proper protective gear. In addition to a protective face covering, you should also have eye protection and long gloves to keep your sensitive areas safe from mold. Chemical splash goggles, the kind used in laboratories, are a great choice as they are specifically made to keep dangerous substances out of the eyes.

2.   Failing to Address the Mold Quickly

Another common mistake when treating mold is taking too long to address the mold. Many people will put off mold removal if the mold is in a place that isn’t frequently used, like an attic or empty cabinet. While the mold may seem harmless while tucked away somewhere that isn’t frequently used, it can lead to many more issues down the road.

First, the mold may spread further if left alone. Many molds spread through airborne spores, which can travel long distances until they find somewhere to grow. Leaving mold alone for too long will just worsen the outbreak, and potentially spread it to other places that may be more well hidden. A second reason to treat mold quickly is that mold can cause serious structural damage to the building. On softer materials like drywall or wood, mold can break the material down, potentially causing major structural damage. Even after removing the mold, the materials may still need to be replaced, costing you far more than if you removed the mold when it was first found.

3.   Ignoring the Source of the Mold

There can be many causes of an outbreak of mold. While removing the mold itself is an immediate solution, identifying why the mold grew there can save you from repeated mold removals.

Moisture is the most common cause of mold growth, so look for any leaks in that area that could let excessive moisture in. Excessive moisture isn’t only from leaks however, it can also be caused by appliances like washing machines or even showers. Once you have identified the source of the mold, you can then take the necessary steps to prevent future outbreaks.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes when removing mold yourself. While it may seem like extra work, avoiding these mistakes will help keep you and your family safe from mold. If it seems like it might be too much for you to handle, call us at Aloha Restoration. Our experienced professionals will help you get your home back to mint condition in no time!

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