What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a motorized pump usually located in the basement or lowest level of a home that prevents water from pooling in the home. Sump pumps are located in a pit below the floor, usually referred to as a basin. The basin’s purpose is for water to gather before being pumped, with the motor being attached to the pump or separate outside of the basin. It then pumps the water from the basin into a pipe to take it away from your home. There are a few types of sump pumps, with different styles being more suitable in different situations.

Types of Sump Pumps

The two main types of sump pumps are “pedestal” and “submersible”. Pedestal pumps are the cheaper option, consisting of two separate units, a motor and a pump. The motor of a pedestal pump is not waterproof, so it rests above the basin. As a result, pedestal pumps are larger and louder than submersible sump pumps. However, they do tend to last longer without needing to be replaced. Pedestal pumps are preferred for areas with intermittent flooding in small amounts.

The other main type of sump pump is the submersible pumps. These combine the motor and pump into one unit. The combined motor and pump are submerged in the basin, and thus are completely waterproof. Being submerged also saves space and helps reduce noise. However, being submerged also has downsides. Because they are submerged, they can be hard to reach for repairs if anything goes wrong. Generally, submersible pumps have shorter lifespans than pedestal pumps, in addition to being more expensive. Submersible pumps are most suited for places with frequent water issues or at high risk of flooding.

Now that you understand the importance of having a sump pump, consider installing one if you haven’t already. While the cost of installing a sump pump can be expensive, it pales in comparison to water damage repair costs. Although Aloha doesn’t do sump pump installation, if you have already experienced water damage, give us a call. Our experienced professionals are able to deal with any matter of water damage.

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