Aloha Restoration, Co: We are a full-service Water Remediation Company! (TV Commercial)
October 17, 2018by martin0

This week, we’ve launched the second of our series of television commercials featuring our President and CEO David A. Farbaky and Lake County (Crystal Lake), IL homeowner Mike Lawler!

You can find the commercial on our Youtube channel here:

As of last Saturday, the commercial series will air on major networks such as ESPN, the History Channel, TLC, LMN, Discovery Channel, and more; alongside our quick snippet revealing our recent donation of a Ford F-150 to the American Red Cross! Have you seen it?! (Find that video here: The core message of this commercial is all about Mike’s experience when his basement flooded. When he called one of those nationally known chains, they removed the damage, but then he was left with the headache of finding a contractor for painting AND drywall. NOT HERE! At Aloha Restoration, Co, we are aa full-service group of contractors. When people reach out to our competition, they don’t realize they aren’t going to get their property back to pre-disaster condition. If you call for help with mold removalwater mitigation, or fire restoration; we get you right back to where you started! We do it all!

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