Aloha Restoration, Co. spotted in Quintessential Barrington Magazine!
August 31, 2017by martin0

Aloha Restoration, Co. has a new ad in Quintessential Barrington Magazine!

Being from the local area, we align ourselves with brands that are respectable and trusted. Because of this, we opted to partner up with Quintessential Barrington Magazine! Specifically for the Barrington Area, we offer trusted mold removal, water mitigation services, and home remodeling of all kinds. In an emergency, we specialize in fast fire restoration.  Whether you are in an emergency or plan on redoing your basement, bathroom, or kitchen; Barrington, Illinois, we’ve got you covered!

Not many people know this, but the area has homes with distinct architectural styles. The local government protects more than 350 historical buildings.  Mostly built between 1880 and 1939, we experience a lot of older homes in this area of Illinois. Again, making the elevated magazine the right choice!

Have you seen this advertisement? What do you think? Before you leave, let us know in the comments!

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