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Grayslake Mold Removal & Flood Damage Restorations

Grayslake, Illinois, is a village located about 40 miles northwest of Chicago’s downtown area. Aloha Restoration offers a variety of interior home restoration and home remodeling services in Grayslake that include:

With many of us playing hockey, golf, fishing, ice fishing, and boating in the area, we all have an extensive level of familiarity with this region. Our team always enjoy spending time in this area, whether for work or fun.

With festivals and events like Grayslake Days, Taste of Grayslake, and the Grayslake Arts Festival, Grayslake, IL, has become one of the more vibrant suburbs in northern Illinois. We aim to positively add to the village’s positive culture. We not only get your property back to pre-damage condition, but we help prevent the damage from ever coming back to this pristine area. We won’t leave nails on the ground. We won’t have you sleeping in a hotel because we are behind on a project, but WE WILL get the water out within 48 hours with water mitigation and mold removal in Grayslake.

Our mold removal and flood damage restoration processes are fast! Our expert team of restoration specialists understands that when it comes to damage from a flood or a fire, work must begin at once. If you choose to make changes within your home after the damage has been removed, we can also handle home remodeling in Grayslake!

Do you see mold growing in your home? Do you have flood damage? Looking to do a home remodel in Grayslake?

Call our team today—we can help! We have worked throughout Grayslake and the surrounding communities to bring families peace of mind by restoring and remodeling their homes. Contact us.

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