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Mold Removal in Libertyville


Libertyville Mold Removal and Flood Damage Restoration

Located in the heart of Lake County, Illinois, Libertyville is home to a population of 20,000 people within the Chicagoland metropolitan area. Surrounded by other large suburbs such as Mundelein, Waukegan, Lake Forest, and Vernon Hills, Libertyville is right in the middle of our typical service area, making Aloha Restoration the perfect solution for mold removal and flood damage restoration. In typical northern Illinois fashion, residents living here can expect a wide variety of weather throughout the year, with blazing hot summers, freezing winters, and no shortage of precipitation throughout the year. With heavy rain comes the chance for flooding, and when untreated, it can leave you with unwanted mold growth in your home that you’ll want to get removed as soon as possible with Aloha’s mold removal in Libertyville. With Aloha Restoration’s teams of highly trained and experienced restoration professionals, you can rest easy knowing your repairs are in the right hands. In addition to the mold removal and flood damage restoration we offer in Libertyville, we offer these other services: 

  • Mold Removal: Using quality products, we can greatly improve air quality in your home through mold removal in Libertyville by eliminating both seen and unseen mold to make sure you stay healthy. 
  • Water Mitigation Services: We offer timely service to mitigate any long term damage caused by flooding in your home.
  • Home Remodeling: For a fresh, new look in your home, we can remodel your kitchen or dining room or finish your basement or bathrooms. We’ll handle it for you.
  • Carpet Cleaning: With how often you walk across your carpeting, dirt and grime become trapped and ground in, and it cannot be easily cleaned with a vacuum. Our services can get you a truly clean carpet.
  • Fire Damage Restoration: A fire can cause great damage to your home, leaving burn marks on walls and ceilings. We have the services to bring your home back to normal.
  • Smoke Restoration: With fire comes smoke, causing even more damage from stains, leaving horrible smells, and being a possible hazard to your health.


For more information on the flood damage restorations and mold removal in Libertyville, get in touch with Aloha Restorations today. Our expert staff is here to go above and beyond to leave you with a truly clean home.

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