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Mold Removal and Carpet Cleaning in Lincolnshire, IL

For everyone living in Lincolnshire, Illinois, Aloha Restoration is proud to serve your homes with all their residential restoration needs! Located in the southern half of Lake County, Lincolnshire is surrounded by Buffalo Grove, Bannockburn, Vernon Hills, and many other smaller areas nearby Chicago. Throughout the year, Lincolnshire experiences many different forms of weather, from a rainy springtime to hot summers to a cold fall and winter. You can often expect to see large thunderstorms, bringing buckets of rain to the area. Because of this, we found this to be a great area to provide our services with many people expressing a need for mold removal and carpet cleaning at their home in Lincolnshire, IL. No matter your home’s needs for restoration services, we’ve got you covered. Some of the different projects we can typically handle include:


If disaster strikes, whether it be in the form of a flood, heavy rains, and excess water, or damage caused by strong winds or a fire, we have the expertise to guarantee your house will be back in perfect condition after our mold removal and carpet cleaning in Lincolnshire, IL! If you’ve recently experienced a fire that caused damage or left behind smoke stains and odors, we can help by making your home fresh once again. 

For more information on how we can handle your home’s residential restoration services, as well as the processes we go through to get your home back to perfect condition, get in touch with a professional from Aloha Restoration today! We work to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with any project we complete. For all your carpet cleaning and mold removal needs in Lincolnshire, IL, Aloha Restoration has you covered. 

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