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McHenry Mold Removal & Flood Damage Restorations

On the northern side of McHenry County, you will find the county’s namesake: McHenry, Illinois! Home to many natural areas—including lakes, rivers, bogs, and moraine hills—this area was slowly carved out by glaciers, leaving behind many low-lying areas around the city. Although year-round weather tends to be enjoyable, large storms may sweep through in the warmer seasons, bringing tons of water for you to deal with. This, along with the streams in the area, can lead to flooding and other natural problems that can happen to your home. This, in turn, leaves behind damage in the form of moldy carpets and walls and flooded rooms, which should be cleaned and taken care of as soon as possible. With mold removal and carpet cleaning in McHenry, IL, Aloha Restoration is your number one provider to get your home back in order!

We can handle many residential restoration projects in your area, including:

If your home has been damaged by natural disasters, such as a fire or powerful storm, get in touch with us as soon as possible. As water continues to sit in your home, it gives mold and mildew a chance to grow, causing damage and requiring you to replace walls, cabinets, and other affected areas of your home. Aloha Restoration has experienced professionals who are more than capable of handling your residential restoration needs, including mold removal and carpet cleaning in McHenry, IL.

For more information, or if you have any additional questions about our capabilities and how we can help get your home back in order, get in touch with Aloha Restoration today! We look forward to taking care of all your mold removal and carpet cleaning in McHenry, IL.   Contact us.

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