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Wheeling Mold Removal and Flood Damage Restorations

Located in Cook and Lake County, Illinois, Wheeling is home to around 40,000 people in the Chicagoland metropolitan area. Located at 23 miles north of the city, the close proximity to Chicago means that many people tend to pass through Wheeling or come visit the many shops and restaurants in the area. Their close proximity means to travel to Chicago takes no time at all, and in case traffic might be bad or a large event is going on, Wheeling also has a train station on the North Central line. Wheeling typically receives very nice weather year-round, depending on the season, but can also expect stretches or extreme heat and rain in the summer, or weeks of freezing cold weather and heavy snow in the winter. This can lead to various problems around the house, all things that we are more than happy to take care of. Being in our service area, this gives us the perfect opportunity to provide mold removal and flood damage restorations in Wheeling for these residents. Some of the tasks we can handle include:
Whether your home requires smoke restoration, fire damage restoration, carpet cleaning, home remodeling, water mitigation services, or mold removal services, the professionals at Aloha Restoration can provide you with the expert services to get your home back to how it originally was, leaving no trace of any damage that had previously been there. For more information on what we can do to help restore your home back to its original state, or if you have questions about specific services we can help you with, get in touch with us today. Our expert staff goes above and beyond to leave you completely satisfied with the work you requested. For mold removal and flood damage restorations in Wheeling, Aloha Restorations is your first choice.

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