How to Remove Fire Smell from House
October 31, 2017by martin0

As professional remodeling contractors and interior home restoration experts, people ask us how to remove fire smell from house all the time. While we DO NOT recommend doing any serious fire damage restoration on your own, there are things you can do to remove the odor from your home and clean smoke damage.

How to clean smoke damage: The things you need

Before tackling this project, head out and purchase these items: Fan, Soap, Water, White Vinegar, a Bucket, Rags (can be made from old clothing), a Vacuum with a HEPA filter, Upholstery cleaner, and a Mop. Because most of these items are probably already in your house, this step is relatively easy and also inexpensive.

Smoke Odor Removal: Where to begin

Your first goal is to blow out your house with positive pressure. We do not recommend using an exhaust fan or opening a window. Take a large fan, turn it on high, and blow fresh air in the house. Set up the fan outside of a door that lead outside facing inwards. As the smoke rose, it got into all the tiny spaces in your apartment. This flushes it out. Next, close all other windows and doors while leaving one window open in the room you want to target for exhausting (remove the screen for better air flow).

When finished, close the window and door to that room. Next, open the door and window in the next room. Working through your house room by room, make sure to blow out each area for at least 15 minutes. Finally, secluded or far off rooms will need a second fan pushing fresh air in from another opening.

How to Remove fire smell from House:  Next steps

Now, remove all window treatments and curtains. Have them dry cleaned or washed. For now, let them air out. Hang them outside to start the process of removing smoke particles from the fibers. Next, if you have blinds, rinse them down. Finally, anything like pillows, clothes, towels, and blankets will need to be cleaned/aired out as well.

How to Remove fire smell from House: Making your own solution

Next, create your own solution by mixing one gallon of water, one teaspoon of dish soap or shampoo and a quarter of white vinegar. Use a rag (rinsing often with fresh water) and wash down all the solid surfaces. Next, attack your baseboards, tables, chairs, window sills, wood or tile floors, kitchen cabinets, and shelves. Also, keep in mind, smoke soot might damaged your walls and ceilings which may need to be cleaned to. Finally, remove and wash all the light fixtures. Look out for smoke particles that have settled at the top of the light face plate or in the cups that house the light bulbs themselves.

Smoke Damage Restoration: Vacuum and Mop

Finally, vacuum your carpets with a machine that contains a HEPA filter to prevent smoke particles from blowing back into the room. If your vacuum job doesn’t work, sounds like you need a Carpet Cleaning professional and WE CAN HELP! Next, mop the areas that aren’t carpeted. Over time, particles will again fall on the floor so multiple mop jobs will be necessary. In this step, it’s important to remember the smoke particles will just float around in your mop bucket/end up right back on the floor. Dip your mop in your home-made solution, wash the floor, and then rinse the mop under running water.

Does this help you out? While we know this information can make some headway, fire damage restoration is a job best left for the professionals.

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