Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling

Basement Finishing

Looking to update your old basement? Taking your crawl space and turning into a finished basement is a process. It is a process that requires expert knowledge, proper planning, and an appropriate budget. Basement remodeling and basement finishing is something best left to the professionals. Any licensed remodeler will tell you: The few major factors that need to be worked out BEFORE you can begin renovating entail waterproofing, foundation & basement layout work, and having a team who keeps the homeowner involved when drawing up basement designs.

While there’s plenty of information out there on DIY basement finishing, reading about basement insulation or how to frame a basement and actually framing a basement wall are two completely different things. Going into a basement remodel project without understanding all that is goes into updating your basement systems will put a strain on your pocket book and raise the final cost to finish your basement. This is where we fell can help. Most basement contractors aren’t transparent about costs when it comes to remodeling a basement; whereas, Aloha Restoration Co. looks to keep you involved every step of the way!

Need help with how to finish a basement? How to renovate your basement.

As with all interior remodeling, turning your unfinished basement into a functional basement space with livable conditions for your family is based on framing basement walls and ceilings & it starts with a FREE in-home assessment.

During those assessments, homeowners/renters usually come prepared with a long list of frequently asked questions that start basic and become more in-depth as the assessment goes along. While questions like: “How to build a basement from the ground up, how to finish a basement, and how to finish a basement yourself” are simple enough to ask; basement finishing services are not so easy to provide.

Other basement finishing companies try to make the process shorter by skipping the Q&A portion of the in-home assessment; whereas, we prefer when you come prepared! Just as you expect your contractor to know how to frame basement walls and how to finish a basement floor, we expect all of our customers to know what they want with their basement project!

Beyond wall framing, careful planning needs to occur to make sure we avoid any pitfalls such as moisture and proper ventilation. The plan needs to be so thorough it outlines your basement layout (which includes wall dimensions, window & door sizes, and the purpose of each working room) and it should also point out anything that needs special attention (such as masonry walls, valves, and cleanouts or any base).

Once the plan is complete & we go over all basement ideas, it’s time to tackle the basement wall panels. Before installing the basement wall insulation (making sure to caulk any spaces & gaps), we have to install the framing which includes building soffits & framing partition walls. Once that is done, we renovate the rest of the space.

How much does it cost to finish a basement?

How much does a basement cost to get redone?

The average cost to finish a basement really does depend on what our experts see when they inspect your home. Many basement remodeling contractors have no problem giving you a low-end estimate (per square foot) when you call-in and ask “what’s the average cost to finish a 1500 sq ft basement?” When they get to your home, they then provide you with an invoice for work that’s double or triple what was estimated over the phone. At Aloha Restoration, Co., we believe providing you an answer like this is simply negligent and unethical and here’s why…

The cost of finishing a basement depends on the total square footage of your basement. It also depends on the cost of labor and if there is a bathroom or bedroom in your basement suite. Some other factors are whether or not you have any egress windows and your flooring type. For those calling in asking “how to remodel a basement on a budget,” it’s imperative to note that trying to add a full regular bedroom, new flooring, and needing any egress windows will bring your basement cost way up.

Knowing this information, as a responsible basement finishing company, how can we quote you at $10 – $25 per square over the phone as many of our competitors do?


Finished Basement Ideas

Creative remodeling is once again based on careful planning & strong basement ideas are born out of the dialogue that happens between ourselves and you during the in-home assessment. Obviously, any basement designs we draw up depend on your current basement layouts, but we wanted to provide you with some unfinished basement ideas for those of you on a budget:

Depending on where you want your finished basement layouts to be:

  1. Skip on adding that dream liquor bar you always wanted
  2. Avoid the adding that guest bedroom
  3. Have an open space instead of individual rooms
  4. Think long & hard about the tile & fixtures you want if we do your bathroom remodel
  5. Buy standard size cabinets & prefab countertops
  6. Downsize the entire scope of the project in general

For those looking to go big, we have some basement design ideas for them as well:

  1. Install excellent lighting
  2. Have your internet & cable wired to the basement before we finish framing the walls
  3. Add insulation to your ceiling to prevent upstairs noise spilling over
  4. Considered cultured stone (for those looking to add value & character to the working space)
  5. Install a bar for entertaining guests
  6. Every man’s dream: Install a home theater system!
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